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If your school, youth group or other organization is interested in learning about anything related to the Appaloosa horse, we would be happy to deliver!  Literally!  We are up to any driving challenge.  Our horses have been to school playgrounds in Seattle (shout out to St. George's fourth grade class!), busy fairgrounds, noisy exhibition arenas, and out in fields in the middle of nowhere Idaho.  If you have a group who wants to learn, we are willing to travel to you.  We are prepared to discuss horse ownership, characteristics and use of the breed, the Nez Perce people, and Native American horse culture.  Interested in Native artwork?  We can bring our beaded regalia along.  Curious about the Nez Perce and their flight from the cavalry in 1877?  We have a member who has ridden the entire Nez Perce trail on the Chief Joseph Trail Ride and once you get her started, she won't shut up!


Let WWRACC be an integrated part of your lesson plan.  With advanced notice, we can be available to visit during your class hour or recess.  Present your students a lesson in history and culture that they will never forget!

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