At Your Service


Charitable Contributions

WWRAC's members generously support other organizations who could benefit from some extra assistance.  The recipients of our fundraising and donation efforts in 2018 assisted the Chief Joseph Foundation and Skagit Animals In Need in the form of much-needed tack and stable supplies.  WWRAC proudly presented the Chief Joseph Foundation with a truckload of new pads, lightly used tack and a brand new Billy Cook saddle with all of its accessories to use with their horsemanship program.



While we prefer to spend our free time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relish in the quiet solitude of our horses, we recognize that we have a responsibility to our community and environment.  This year, we adopted a two-mile stretch of scenic Chuckanut Drive.  We hope that our cleaning efforts help to beautify our little section of Bow and inspire others to do the same.  If the thumbs ups and waves are any indication, we are doing just that!


Trail Clean-up Work Parties

While our membership steps in and clears the trails on an as-needed basis, there are times when trail repairs require greater efforts.  WWRAC members regularly participate in work parties organized by the local Backcountry Horsemen and supervised by the DNR to clear overgrowth and even rebuild and create fully engineered trails and walkways.